Design of passive stabilisation solutions for vessels and offshore structures

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In search of greater operability

Thanks to its digital tools, StabInSea designs adapted anti-roll tanks that significantly improve vessel operability. We assist naval architects during the design phase to integrate systems which achieve shipowner specified performance whilst limiting space size.

Aerial photo of a container ship at sea

Offshore structures
Limiting acceleration, increasing performance

Whether fixed or floating, offshore structures are subject to elemental dynamism (wind, waves, current) and their response can sometimes be detrimental to structure or performance. We develop tailor-made solutions to mitigate these effects and calculate the impact on the structure’s behaviour.

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Our Latest achievements

SOCARENAM Passive stabilisation of two light patrol boats

PIRIOU: Passive stabilisation of a Multi-Mission Hydro-Oceanographic vessel

PIRIOU: Stabilisation of a 62m longline vessel