StabInSea by Geps Techno

StabInSea is a GEPS Techno brand that markets its expertise in the field of vessel stabilisation and floating structures.

GEPS Techno is an Innovation Lab serving the blue economy.

The company uses the technological building blocks resulting from its research work to support its clients in their search for new business models at sea (link to GEPS Techno website).

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StabInSea is a brand of GEPS Techno

A team of experts

Our engineers are specialists in hydrodynamics, CFD, architecture and shipbuilding. They base their work on digital tools and codes developed as part of their theses and research work.

StabInSea rely on  feedback from around thirty ships already equipped with stabilisation tanks designed by GEPS Techno since 2016. Numerous tests have been carried out in tanks and at sea.

They share a passion for both the sea and technology.

The Values of StabInSea by GEPS Techno

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